James Chip

Linux notes

Linux is an open source os (yes i know its just the kernel and what i am taking about is gnu+linux, piss off) created by Linus Torvalds. It is a UNIX like system that shares many similarities with other UNIX like such as BSD.

Directory structure

/ - the root directory. Everything starts here.
/bin - Binaries. This is where all the binaries for all users live.
/sbin - System binaries only for root or sudo users.
/lib - Shared libs needed by binaries in /bin and /sbin
/dev - Device files. Serial ports ans such.
/etc - Configuration files for the system.
/usr - Binaries and libs for the user system.
/home - The users home data directory. All your personal stuff here.
/tmp - Temporary files needed by processes.
/var - Variable files such as logs and caches.
/boot - Files important for booting the system.
/proc - Information about running processes.
/opt - 3rd party software goes here most of the time.

Linux setup notes.

These are my notes on how i setup my linux desktop. I tend towards Manjaro at the moment.

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