James Chip


December 2020


Coda is an in progress game about alien civilizations and sheet music.

Learning LaTex

Learning LaTex to use it to lay out small ttrpg projects.


A christmas themed card table for { The Adventurer } .

Very Useful Library Indeed!

The very useful library indeed is going to be a small library of micro zines inspired by a micro zine
{ Very Useful Spells Indeed } that I created for { Mini Zine Jam 2020 } . I found these mini zines so fun to create I chose to then make a whole tiny library of them.


Ind Of The Year is an end of the year (good pun) indie ttrpg (and one video game) bundle. I and 24 other creators have put games into a bundle at an 72% discount. See the bundle { here } .


I have started a routine of regular meditation eaach morning.

November 2020

A break!

I have been busy and it's been a strange year. I had two weeks after micro fiction games jam ended with noting going on. I chose to take the rest of the month to myself and play some board games. I mostly played 7th Continent.

Micro Fiction Games Jam

In November I will be running the first Micro Fiction Games Jam. People who wish to take park will be encouraged to write tabletop games that fit into a single tweet (280 chars) on a theme. I have written the website and created the tooling to generate the individual game pages.

October 2020


I am currently doing an ink drawing everyday for inktober. I did start by following the prompts but then realised I was just happier to draw landscapes, so that is what I am doing.