James Chip


February 2021

Launch AWood Heart

Launching the physical and digital copies of the extended version of A Wood Heart.

Setting up an online shop

So that people can buy physical zines from me if I have them.

Wiki Engine

Currently I find my wiki bulky and unwieldy. It's only small but I already see problems going forward as things get bigger. I am currently writing a wiki engine that will make it easier to navigate.

Rework The Lizard

My custom markup language called The Lizard needs a bit of a birthday. While I like it I often find that the pages get filled with \
tags, which is something I hate in html. One though is to just convert all \n chars into breaks. The other I am thinking is to enclose any blocks of text in paragraph tags on the output. Personally I have been leaning towards the latter.

Website rework

I fancy a change around and might start working on a much more minimal and stripped back website design. Colour and images, BE GONE!

January 2021


I have been spending some time experimenting with watercolours.

The Alder

A short ghost story.

The Wood Heart

This game was first published in in*die zine in 2020, I have chosen to go back to this game and expand it, creating a physical release to go with it too.

December 2020


Coda is an in progress game about alien civilisations and sheet music.

Learning LaTex

Learning LaTex to use it to lay out small ttrpg projects.


A Christmas themed card table for { The Adventurer } .

Very Useful Library Indeed!

The very useful library indeed is going to be a small library of micro zines inspired by a micro zine
{ Very Useful Spells Indeed } that I created for { Mini Zine Jam 2020 } . I found these mini zines so fun to create I chose to then make a whole tiny library of them.


Ind Of The Year is an end of the year (good pun) indie ttrpg (and one video game) bundle. I and 24 other creators have put games into a bundle at an 72% discount. See the bundle { here } .


I have started a routine of regular meditation each morning.

November 2020

A break!

I have been busy and it's been a strange year. I had two weeks after micro fiction games jam ended with noting going on. I chose to take the rest of the month to myself and play some board games. I mostly played 7th Continent.

Micro Fiction Games Jam

In November I will be running the first Micro Fiction Games Jam. People who wish to take park will be encouraged to write tabletop games that fit into a single tweet (280 chars) on a theme. I have written the website and created the tooling to generate the individual game pages.

October 2020


I am currently doing an ink drawing everyday for inktober. I did start by following the prompts but then realised I was just happier to draw landscapes, so that is what I am doing.