James Chip

River Trash

{ River Trash on itch.io }

River Trash is a single page solo RPG about a journey to the sea along a picturesque river; by a piece of trash. It was written for { Trash Jam } , a game jam for trash games, All you need to play this game is a standard deck of playing cards.

You Are Trash

During the game you play the part of a piece of trash that has been discarded into a river. Draw a card an discover what type of trash you are!


As you float down stream draw cards to discover what you see from your river and the effect that you are having on the waters.

The Sea!

The game finishes with your arrival at the sea! What a journey you have been on!


While this game has you playing the part of a piece of trash you should not be actual trash. If you throw anything in a river then you are trash.